Insurance Provider Billing

When a patient visits Express ER for emergency medical care, two claims will be submitted to their insurance company. The first insurance claim will be submitted for the emergency physician who provided your care at Express ER. The second insurance claim will be submitted for the Express ER facility and should encompass all of the care you received, including any cultures, CT scans, x-rays, and even laboratory tests. An explanation of benefits will be sent once the claims have been sent to your insurance and should explain any charges from Express ER.

Patient Billing

Express ER in Harker Heights does not engage in balance billing, meaning no billing above your insurance providers in-network allowable will be done. Once your explanation of benefits has been processed, any outstanding balance due from Express ER will be provided in an invoice. If you have any questions regarding your invoice from Express ER, please give us a call.

Transparent Billing

We at Express ER offer transparent billing services to our patients covering their charges without insurance. For emergency care situations, our doctors will inform you about any procedures and their charges, so our patients can feel confident that they won’t be surprised by their billing at the end of their visit.

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