10 Surprising Remedies for Headaches That You Will Love!

10 Surprising Remedies for Headaches That You Will Love!

Jun 06, 2019

10 Surprising Remedies for Headaches That You Will Love!

If you’re one of the countless individuals who suffer from debilitating headaches and are looking for treatment – including migraine treatment – before having to visit an emergency room near me, we hope the following 10 tips will provide some relief to your symptoms. Keep in mind, however, that Express ER in Harker Heights offers emergency care 24/7 if these tips fall short in helping you and your pain.


  • TRY GETTING SOME REST. It’s common for headaches to be triggered by a lack of sleep. Your first line to defense against the headache that you’re experiencing is to let your body restore itself in its most natural way.


  • CHANGE THE TEMPERATURE. Make sure that your surroundings aren’t too hot or too cold. In conjunction with this tip, you might also try using a hot or cold compress to immediately impact your body’s internal thermostat. Note, however, that if you believe you are experiencing a high fever in Harker Heights, you should never submerge your body into an ice bath.


  • EXERCISE CAN HELP. That’s right. Even if you don’t feel like exercising right now, remember that an adequate amount of exercise each day will help keep future headaches at bay!


  • INCORPORATE STRETCHING. This tip is aligned with exercising. Just think – if you incorporate stretching into your exercise routine, you’ll have accomplished both tips at the same time!


  • WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE! Hydration is critical to every part of your body’s function, and dehydration can lead to headaches.


  • RELAXATION TECHNIQUES. Studies have shown that massage therapy and acupuncture therapy help address the trigger points that contribute to headaches.


  • LOSE YOUR WORRIES IN THE SHOWER. Much like the hot and cold compress already mentioned, a temperature-regulated shower can do wonders to relax your mind, body, and muscles – all of which will contribute to headache relief in Harker Heights,


  • MODERATION IS KEY. If you’re prone to headaches, try to either steer clear of alcohol in its entirety or severely limit the amount you ingest. This tip is not just for a hang-over prevention – it’s to make migraines and other general headaches less likely to occur.


  • HERBAL REMEDIES CAN BE YOUR FRIEND. Certain herbs such as feverfew and butterbur have been shown to reduce inflammation within the body. And since it’s the inflammatory effects from chemicals that can cause you to have headaches, this seems like a win-win tip.


  • ESSENTIAL OILS DO MORE THAN JUST SMELL GOOD. Proven to help reduce stress, headaches, tension, sleeplessness, and more, essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are a comfortable way to treat headaches at home.


One Final Note from Express ER

If you or a family member are experiencing headache or migraine symptoms that seem unusual or alarming to you, remember to seek emergency care in Harker Heights.

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