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7 Things Not to Say to Migraine Sufferers


It’s human nature to want to help someone who is in distress or experiencing pain. In many cases, one of the kindest things you can do is to drive them to an emergency room in Harker Heights. Especially if it’s for migraine care. No matter how severe or minor their medical emergency may be, Express ER is available 24 hours a day to provide the migraine relief they need. So, bring them in and let the medical professionals assess their pain and provide a treatment plan.

Silence is a Precious Commodity for a Migraine Sufferer

Here are a few things that you may want to avoid saying to the migraine sufferer to keep them as calm as possible in route to an urgent care near me:

  • Don’t tell them you know how they feel. It’s impossible to know exactly what they’re feeling – and you’ll sound a lot less presumptuous by avoiding this all-too-common phrase.
  • Don’t tell them about someone you know who gets migraines. Like the bullet point above, this is really of little relevance to the person who is currently experiencing their own debilitating pain.
  • Don’t lecture them about what you “think” may b e causing their migraines. In other words, do not say things like, “maybe if you drank less…” or “maybe if you ate a healthier diet…” Remember, they’re on their way to receive professional medical advice.
  • Don’t suggest lifestyle changes – such as more exercise – as a way to prevent their migraines from occurring. Think about it – if you were in the throngs of pain, would you want to hear a recommendation such as this?
  • Don’t offer them any type of medication that you may be taking yourself. This is not only illegal to do, but it can pose a severe a health risk.
  • Don’t make too much of a fuss over them. Remember, the only thing they want is relief from their pain – and nothing short of taking them for medical assistance can provide that.
  • Don’t tell them that they’ll feel better soon. Although this may sound reassuring, you’re not the one who is experiencing the pain, so you really have no point of reference. The best thing to offer is silence and the occasional “where almost at the urgent care.”

The Big Takeaway About Migraine Pain

Never underestimate what someone feels like as they’re experiencing a migraine attack – even if you, yourself, get migraines. Remember, every patient will experience this debilitating pain in different ways. So, even if you may not visit an urgent care in Harker Heights for your migraine headaches, it doesn’t mean that someone you’re trying to help shouldn’t receive medical attention.

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