Know Why You Should Visit An ER for a Broken Bone

Know Why You Should Visit An ER for a Broken Bone

Oct 01, 2022

Bone fractures and breaks can occur in different types. A combination of reasons is responsible for the damage. You might find it challenging whether you must seek treatment from an emergency room or consider visiting an urgent care center. Therefore it makes sense for you to speak to a medical professional when you have apprehensions in your mind.

Some broken bones are examined by your doctor or Harker Heights urgent care. However, if you notice the fractured bone is protruding through your skin or your limb is misaligned due to the trauma, you mustn’t hesitate to visit the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Broken Bones Needing Emergency Care

Broken bones are generally a break in the cartilage or bone resulting from trauma, force, or conditions like osteoporosis or congenital disabilities. These conditions cause the bones to become brittle and prone to damage. Whatever the reason broken bones are categorized into two varieties.

Skin penetration and exposure of underlying issues and bone is a compound or open fracture feature.

Simple fractures that do not break the skin are challenging to diagnose with digital imaging devices.

The two categories of broken bones are further divided into different types of actions, including:

  • Transverse Fractures: These fractures affect the long axis of the bone resulting from brutal forces applied at a right angle.

  • Spiral Fractures: Aggressive twisting of the bone results in a spiral fracture.

  • Oblique Fractures: When trauma occurs from an angle other than a right angle, it results in oblique fractures.

  • Greenstick Fractures: These fractures are common in children because their bones are flexible and can break partially on one side.

  • Comminuted Fractures: Multiple breaks in the same bone indicate you have a comminuted fracture.

  • Avulsion Fractures: When extreme forces are put on ligaments and tendons to rip off a small portion of the bone, it represents an avulsion fracture.

When Broken Bones Need Emergency Room Treatment?

The severity of the group bone determines the course of treatment a physician adopts. Different ER facilities vary in the medical care they provide but generally, broken bones that need emergency room treatment include options like bone alignment, pain medication, surgery, casts, or splints. Patients may also require physical therapy following the treatment they receive for broken bones from a family emergency room. However, how should you react if you are unsure whether the bone is broken or not?

You might find it challenging to decide whether your bones are broken until the injuries are examined by a medical professional. Generally, compound fractures are the only injuries that make it evident that you need treatment from the Harker Heights emergency room because they are visible. On the other hand, signs of simple breaks include:

  • Severe bleeding.

  • Numbness in the site of the trauma and the surrounding area.

  • Bruising or swelling.

  • Protruding bones.

  • Misalignment or deformity.

The symptoms described require immediate medical, and if you cannot manage a ride to the emergency room in Harker Heights, please do not hesitate to call 911 for assistance.

When to Avoid Emergency Room Visits?

If you don’t experience the symptoms described above, you can consider visiting the urgent care facility in Harker Heights or calling your family healthcare provider. Unlike emergency rooms, urgent care facilities might not have access to CT scans and x-rays, but they undoubtedly can treat pain and provide crutches, braces, boots, and support for unstable bones to help you recover from the trauma that resulted in a situation that makes you feel you might have a broken bone.

Alternatively, you can also contact the local emergency room to discuss your symptoms with a medical professional to receive appropriate instructions on whether you must visit an emergency room or an urgent care facility for the necessary treatment. However, it would help if you didn’t overlook getting medical attention from critical care or emergency rooms whenever you encounter a situation that makes you believe you might have broken your bones.

Whether minor or significant, treatment for broken bones is essential to ensure you recover quickly and continue living without complications that will undoubtedly follow you if you leave the condition untreated.

If you decide to visit Express Emergency Room Harker Heights after experiencing trauma to your bones, you access a facility with all the infrastructure necessary to deal with emergencies. Whether you need urgent care or intensive treatment, you can rest assured you will not exit the facility with a disappointed look. Therefore if confronting an issue with your bones, kindly find relief from the pain and discomfort from this facility by contacting them at any hour of the day or night.


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