Should I Go To The Emergency Room Or Urgent Care For A Heat Stroke?

Should I Go To The Emergency Room Or Urgent Care For A Heat Stroke?

Apr 01, 2022

Heatstroke is the most severe heat-related body condition. It results from continued exposure to high temperatures such that the body is unable to use mechanisms to cool itself. As a result, you can experience symptoms such as nausea and subsequent vomiting, rapid breathing, flushed skin, headaches, a racing heart rate, rapid breathing and altered behaviour such as confusion.

Depending on the severity of the heatstroke and possible underlying conditions, choosing between an emergency room or urgent care are the best medical care options to treat the heatstroke. However, heatstroke should not be ignored as it has detrimental long term effects such as brain damage and can be fatal in some cases. So, let’s look at when you should go to an emergency room or when urgent treatment is appropriate.

What Are the Risk Factors for A Heat Stroke?

Anyone can have a heat stroke; however, several factors put you at risk of developing one. Such factors include certain health conditions such as lung or heart disease, obesity and certain chronic diseases that increase your risk of heatstroke.

Extreme sports and physical exertion in hot weather can also lead to a heat stroke. Such activities, especially in the southern states, can be quite exhausting and, in some situations, lead to a heat stroke.

Another factor is age, and this is because your ability to cope with heat stress is largely dependent on how young or old you are. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from extreme heat as you get older. If, however, the heat is inevitable, you should stay hydrated and away from direct sunlight.

In addition, sudden exposure to extremely hot weather is another factor. Therefore, it is necessary to allow your body to acclimate to a hotter climate. You can do this by ensuring that the transition to a hotter climate takes some time, such as a few days.

When Is A Heat Stroke An Emergency?

Heat cramps are the first sign of heatstroke. People predisposed to heat cramps are overweight, obese, and binge drink. The symptoms that are associated with heat cramps are muscle stiffness and pain.

Heat exhaustion is another condition that calls for a visit in er Harker Heights, TX. The symptoms of this condition include irritability, headache, dizziness and muscle cramps. If left untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heatstroke; you should look for an emergency room near you where the doctor can treat the symptoms. This is important as continued exposure to heat, and direct sunlight can cause you to pass out.

If you start to feel the symptoms of heat exhaustion listed above, attempt to locate a cooler setting. If you’re outside, for example, look for a shaded spot. Remove a layer of clothes if you’re indoors, or turn on the air conditioning.

Emergency response is paramount to ensure that the condition does not become fatal in such an instance. If a lot of time is taken before treatment is given, the patient may have long term adverse effects such as damage to vital body organs.

When to Go for Urgent Care for a Heat Stroke?

Heatstroke can arise if heat exhaustion is not addressed. Although some of the symptoms of heat strokes are serious, some of them are not life-threatening, and in this case, you should look for urgent care near you.

You should visit a health practitioner in urgent care if you experience a heat stroke outside conventional working hours since these clinics are open then. Another consideration is the convenience of location. Urgent care clinics are located where they can easily be found.

You should seek follow-up care in urgent care clinics. Heatstroke is a potentially fatal condition. Recovery may be difficult, and it might last long after you’ve been discharged from the hospital.

Suppose you’re experiencing fatigue, headaches, stomach pains, chest discomfort, or difficulty concentrating. In that case, you might not be sure if these symptoms are part of your recovery, evidence of a complication, or a new health problem. This is where Express Emergency Room Harker Heights comes in. We’ll examine your symptoms, treat them, and get you back on your feet.


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