The 4 Most Painful Kids’ Sports Injuries… As Suffered by Mothers

The 4 Most Painful Kids’ Sports Injuries… As Suffered by Mothers

Apr 16, 2019

Let’s admit it. A sports injury to one of our children is almost as painful for us as it is for them. In fact, if you’re like most parents, you’ve already searched for emergency treatment near you so you’ll be prepared for any injury that may occur. After all, being prepared is part of being a parent, right? But what about when YOU are the one that suffers an injury as an observer?

Ball Projectile

When you hear the words “heads up,” it’s usually because an errant ball is being lobbed in the direction of children, spectators, or both. For this reason, it really is recommended that parents and other observers refrain from using ear buds or becoming too involved in side-line conversations to not hear this important warning call.

Cleat Toe

Yes, summer time is great for being outdoors and wearing strappy little shoes. But what happens when an athlete runs over your exposed toes because you’re too busy talking or searching for your phone? You suffer cleat toe – something that can range from the ouch of a minor embarrassment to a fully broken bone!

Head Butt

Yes, your kids may butt heads with you when you tell them to clean their rooms, but that same head can physically inflict a black eye, a broken tooth – or worse – when you’re on the sideline and not prepared to handle the onslaught from a misguided step they’ve taken. Again, to prevent having to seek urgent care in Harker Heights because you weren’t paying attention to the game being played, try to stay more involved in what’s going on during the game rather than what’s happening on the sidelines.

Bleacher Bum

Instead of letting your hind side get numb from watching the activities from your bleacher seat or sideline chair, why not get up and stretch your legs around the outside of the playing field in between the action? This concept is similar to the one that’s recommended for passengers to avoid blood clots on long plane flights. Also, does the phrase “7th inning stretch” sound familiar?

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