Top 10 reasons men visit the ER

Top 10 reasons men visit the ER

Dec 01, 2022

Emergency room visits are never pleasant for most people. The long waiting time and the condition people are in make visits to emergency rooms uncomfortable. Approximately 130 million people visit ERs yearly, out of which about 50 million people visit with injury-related problems. This article focuses on the top 10 visits of men to ERs and the symptoms their condition indicates.

Please note the conditions described can affect anyone, including women and children. However, men visit ERs with these complaints more often than others.

Conditions Prompting Men to Visit ERs

  • Chest Pain: a common reason why men visit an emergency room near me is with complaints about chest pain. Emergency rooms are familiar with cardiac arrest situations, although visits for chest pain have declined in recent years. However, half a million fatalities are recorded yearly because of cardiac complications.
  • Abdominal Pains: emergency rooms are inundated daily by men suffering from abdominal pain. In most cases, bacterial and viral infections are the culprits of abdominal pains. However, abdominal pain can occur due to several factors, including food poisoning, kidney stones, stomach virus, appendicitis, ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Toothaches: Quite a few men are seeking emergency treatments from ERs because their dentist’s offices are closed. Although most people don’t relate dental issues with ERs, they frequent emergency rooms seeking treatment for dental abscesses and problems with gum tissues.
  • Sprains And Broken Bones: These conditions can affect anyone regardless of age. Broken bones can result from accidents or twisting a part of the body when involved in sporting activities or altercations. Although sprains are better managed by seeking immediate care without visiting emergency rooms, broken bones need assessment, especially if they pose a risk to other organs. When determining whether the injury needs emergency attention, some vital points to remember are to look for discoloration, swelling, and visible bone.
  • Upper Respiratory Infections: Viruses and infections are another reason men visit emergency rooms because conditions like the flu and common cold are widespread diseases that might require emergency treatment in severe cases.
  • Cuts and Contusions: the most common reason men visit ERs is cuts and contusions. The injuries can occur through different activities and might need urgent treatment for injuries by glass or knives. However, a visit to the emergency room becomes essential if the problem involves severe bleeding.
  • Back Pain: Another complaint men report when visiting emergency rooms is back pain or muscle sprains from accidents or physical injuries from lifting heavy objects or playing sports. Back pain was considered the number one reason to visit ERs earlier. However, the number has declined significantly recently.
  • Skin Infections: men might feel abnormal reactions in the body from skin infections and, in most cases, require immediate care to alleviate the symptoms. Skin infections can also result in other symptoms spreading rapidly over the body in severe cases. The signs might include nerve damage, muscle weakness, lesions on the body, rashes and blisters, et cetera.
  • Foreign Objects in the Body: emergency rooms worldwide report foreign objects inside the body are not the most familiar reason for ER visits by men. Although no statistics are available about how many doctors are dealing with such instances, research reveals approximately 2000 fatalities are recorded yearly due to problems with foreign objects.
  • Headaches: would you believe that headaches are the most common reason men visit emergency rooms? Headaches affect anyone, including men, women, children, and the elderly. Finding relief for headaches is not a considerable challenge because pharmacists can dispense pain relievers to ease the problem. However, headaches continue to maintain the number one position as the leading cause of why men visit emergency rooms.

Why men frequent emergency rooms when they can find relief for some issues by visiting the neighborhood drugstore remains unknown. However, it is well established that toothaches or dental abscesses are better treated by dentists as mandated by the FDA. Unfortunately, men prefer ER visits to dentists, thinking they can get fast and quick treatment for a life-threatening condition from medical professionals instead of dentists.

Similarly, headaches are easily manageable by taking over-the-counter pain relievers dispensed by pharmacists instead of crowding urgent care facilities. In addition, emergency rooms are better at treating severe problems that seem life-threatening instead of managing issues better handled by seeking urgent care.

If you are among the many rushing to Express Emergency Room Harker Heights for the reasons mentioned above, you can rest assured you will receive treatments for most conditions while receiving referrals to other medical professionals if they cannot manage the problem. However, if you confront an emergency that needs prompt attention, the facility is available throughout the week, working 24 hours a day and providing services.

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