What You Should Know Before a Trip to the Emergency Department

What You Should Know Before a Trip to the Emergency Department

Jan 02, 2019

There is never a plan to visit the emergency room, but accident and emergencies occur at some point in life. If you experience an emergency, these tips from professionals at Express ER in Harker can help your visit go smoothly so you do not have any added stress during critical times.

Do Not Drive Yourself

You may think that you can make it to the emergency room on your own, but if you feel the need for a visit then you are likely experiencing uncomfortable or debilitating symptoms. These can include chest pain, bleeding, vomiting, headache, shortness of breath, and more. You should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle while in this sort of state.

If there is no other person available to drive you to an emergency room in Harker Heights, then you should call an ambulance. Even if there is an urgent care near you, it is for your safety and the safety of others that you avoid driving yourself. If you take an ambulance to an emergency room near you, make sure to contact a close friend or immediate family member when you have arrived at the hospital.

Know Your Medicines

Your doctor will need to know the medications you take on a daily basis to keep from mixing harmful chemicals together. A comprehensive list of your prescriptions and their dosage should be provided to make sure you receive proper treatment. It can also help doctors rule out possible causes of symptoms.

Prepare to Wait

The waiting room is often where you will find yourself upon entering an urgent care in Harker Heights. The length of your wait depends on a couple of factors, including how many individuals are being treated. Patients are treated based on the severity of their injury or illness, so if you are in less critical condition then you may have to wait.

Visit an Express ER in your area if you experience symptoms that are abnormal or painful, including shortness of breath or vomiting.

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