Common Urgent Care Symptoms

Common Symptoms

At Express ER in Harker Heights, TX we strive to provide the best emergency medical care possible to our community, whether your condition is minor, moderate or even severe. Express ER is proud to be equipped with advanced medical technology and an on-site laboratory, allowing us to provide effective and quick diagnostic testing and emergency care treatments.

Common Symptoms That Require Emergency Care in Harker Heights

At Express ER in Harker Heights, we see many different health conditions, some of which are quite common. These common conditions seen in emergency care include:

Chest Pain

Chest pain can be a very scary experience for any patient. However, it typically isn’t associated with a heart attack. Digestive issues, angina, pneumonia, and even sore muscles are much more common causes we see here at Express ER. If chest pain feels crushing, is accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, nausea or even shortness of breath or simply just won’t resolve, we recommend seeking emergency care at Express ER in Harker Heights.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a common complaint among many patients we see at Express ER. However, it is usually nothing serious and can be treated easily. Abdominal pain that is sudden or sharp, accompanied by pain in your neck, chest or even shoulder or pain accompanied by bloody vomit or stool should be looked into immediately at Express ER.


With more and more people spending their days on devices such as mobile phones and computers, headaches and migraines are an extremely common complaint at Express ER, however, in most instances are not serious. If you experience a headache accompanied by neck stiffness, unconsciousness or after a head injury, we recommend visiting Express ER immediately.


There are many reasons a patient may experience a fever, and it is important to monitor them closely. For children under one, a fever 100.4 and higher should be immediately checked out by a medical professional. Children over one should see a medical professional if their temperature goes above 101. For adults, 103 and above requires immediate emergency care.

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