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How to Get Instant Relief with This Natural Home Remedy for Burns


Have you got burnt and looking for a home remedy for relief? Ever tried essential oils and Aloe Vera for burns? It is very common for most of us to have accidentally burnt ourselves at least once in our lives. People who work in kitchen get burnt many times. Sometime, the burn can be mild while sometimes it can be severe like boiling water falling on your hands or toes.

According to Emergency Room in Harker Heights, TX, if you encounter any such situation, instead of panicking, you should look for essential oil in your home. When you get burnt, you should first soak hand in cold water or keep your hand or feet under the running water. After that take an Aloe Vera leaf, slit it and extract the gel. Now, put the gel on the burnt surface for immediate relief. You can put some drops of essential oil on the Aloe Vera gel for added relief.

The experts from Express ER in Harker Heights say that you will be surprised by how quick the Aloe Vera and essential oil mixture works. It will also offer instant relief from pain caused due to burn. Plus, the next day there will be no pain, blister, or soreness that is common after a burn.

You must consider growing Aloe Vera at home as there’s nothing like medicinal natural gel extracted from the plant. You can find Aloe Vera gel in market but nothing compares to the gel from plant. Additionally, Aloe Vera gel has many benefits for our skin and health. It helps in healing burns, bites, rashes, sun burn and moisturizes the skin making it blemish free. It also helps in regulating bowel movements, controlling blood sugar level and helps in weight loss. It is also good for your hair.

On the other hand, you should also have few essential oils at your home as they rejuvenate your senses and relax you when you put few drops in bathing tub. Essential oils have therapeutic as well as healing properties.

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