Broken Bones & Sprains

Broken Bones & Sprains

Fractures, breaks, and sprains happen when you least expect them. That’s why Express Emergency Room Harker Heights provides convenient walk-in care for patients of all ages in harker heights who may have experienced an orthopedic injury.

Although not all of them are considered emergency situations, some of the most common injuries we treat on a walk-in basis for both adults and children in Harker Heights, TX, include the following:

  • Pelvic fractures
  • Hip and hip joint fractures
  • Long bone fractures such as thigh, shin bone, upper arm, and forearm
  • Knee injuries
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Elbow injuries
  • Hand and wrist injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Bone infections
  • Chronic wounds and infections
  • Sports-related injuries of all varieties
  • Stress fractures

Fractures and Symptoms

A fractured bone might not always be as obvious. Here are some of the symptoms of a fracture:

  • Bruising over the area that covers the bone
  • Pain that gets worse when pressure is used or the injured area is moved
  • Severe swelling over the injured area.
  • The inability to use the injured joint or limb.
  • Look for deformity in the injured area.
  • A bone is poking through your skin.

You Should Go to the Emergency Room When

Here is a cheat sheet to help you decide:

  • If you cannot walk more than four steps at a time. Go to the Express Emergency Room Harker Heights.
  • If you can’t walk over four steps and not have excruciating pain. Go to the Express ER Harker Heights.
  • If the injured area is tingling or numb. Go to the Express Emergency Room in Harker Heights.

Sprain Signs and Symptoms

Sprains can hurt and can be easily confused with a break. Often, they can be more painful than a break or fracture; this has been confirmed scientifically. Symptoms of a sprain are most of the time:

  1. Swelling in and around the injured area
  2. Limited range of motion at the joint that has been affected
  3. Pain in and around the injured area
  4. You might have heard a pop sound in a joint at the time of injury. If you didn’t hear one, you could certainly feel it.
  5. A little bruising around the injured area.
  6. Pain in and around the injured area.

You Should Visit Emergency Room When

Strains can cause you horrible pain, it doesn’t matter where it is at, but these injuries are only isolated to your ligaments and muscles tendons. It can be anywhere, but it is surely not isolated to any area near the joint. Strain symptoms include:

  1. Rapid swelling
  2. Severe pain
  3. Limited range of movement in the injured muscle
  4. Muscle spasms at the injury location and muscles surrounding that area.

We’re Here When You Need Us

From routine testing to emergency orthopedic trauma care such as fractures, breaks, and sprains, the Express Emergency Room Harker Heights is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to care for traumatic injuries in Harker Heights, TX. We have the latest technology testing to ensure a quick diagnosis and treatment plan for patients of all ages.

Rather than waiting until the fracture, break, or sprain happens in Harker Heights, Tx, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our conveniently located Harker Heights, Tx facility. And if you have children, we encourage you to leave our contact information with their caretakers since no one knows when an emergency such as a fracture, break, or sprain will happen. It could be on the playing field, or it could be at home. Either way, the Express Emergency room at Harker Heights, Tx, can help!

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