Migraine Headache – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Migraine Headache - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Sep 01, 2022

Have you experienced a throbbing pain or a pulsing feeling on one side of your head? This pain or feeling can interfere with your everyday activities, lasting for hours or days. Most likely, you might have a migraine attack which can also be accompanied by vomiting and other symptoms that we will look at.

It is pretty challenging to know the difference between headache and migraine; however, it is a painful condition, whereas some other forms do not cause head pain. We will take you through all you need to know about migraine headaches.

What Are the Symptoms of Migraine?

The main symptom linked with migraine is a headache. The headache is often described as a throbbing or pounding sensation that begins with a dull ache that advances to pulsing pain, which can become severe after some time if left untreated.

There are other symptoms that are linked to migraine. First, sudden loss of appetite with a feeling of tiredness can also indicate the onset of a migraine headache. .

Changes in body temperature are also an indication of migraine. This is where you feel very warm till you begin to sweat or very cold, then begin to shake. The changes in your body temperature can also indicate migraine onset.

Sensitivity to light is another symptom of migraine. The sensitivity is mostly to light, odors, and noise. On top of the sensitivity to light, you can begin to feel dizzy and experience blurred vision.

Some people also describe experiencing fever and diarrhea before the onset of migraine.

Migraine can occur with aura. The good news is that auras are reversible nervous system symptoms.

Some symptoms are associated with migraine auras. First, the aura can cause vision loss. In addition, you can experience visual phenomena like bright flashes of light or seeing various shapes. When this occurs, you should notify someone close to you so that they take you to the emergency room in Harker Heights.

Another symptom of migraine auras is numbness or weakness in one side of the body. This can make it challenging for you to work or perform your daily activities. Therefore, it is crucial to look for 24-hour er services so the healthcare provider can help alleviate the symptoms of this form of migraine.

There is also the common migraine that has no aura. Because of the lack of aura, it can be hard to detect the early signs of migraine, and therefore it becomes challenging to look for an er near you.

What Are the Causes of Migraine?

It is pretty challenging to determine what causes a migraine; however, there are risk factors that can make you susceptible.

Genetics is one of the significant factors that can cause migraine. In addition, research has shown that 80% of people who get migraine have a first-degree relative with the ailment.

Stress can cause the release of certain chemicals leading to physical changes that can cause tension in your head, leading to migraine.

Nicotine causes your blood vessels to constrict. The constriction of blood vessels can reduce the blood flow to the brain and surrounding tissues, resulting in migraines. Therefore, doctors recommend reducing smoking to alleviate migraine symptoms.

Research has shown that women are more susceptible to migraine than men. This is especially true for women between 15 and 55, which all come from hormonal changes. Hormonal imbalance can influence how bad menstrual migraine chronic and tension headaches occur, and most of the time, the symptoms can be severe.

How Are Migraines Treated?

Although chronic migraines cannot be cured, they can only be reduced or improved by abortive or preventive medications.

Preventive medications are recommended when your migraine causes severe headaches that happen more than four times a month and hinder your daily performance. These drugs reduce the severity of the headaches and how often they occur.

On the other hand, abortive medications are suitable when you experience the first sign of a migraine. Doctors recommend taking this type of migraine medication when the pain is mild. This will help reduce the migraine symptoms like nausea, light sensitivity, and throbbing pain. This is why you should head to Express Emergency Room Harker Heights; our doctors will give you the most suitable abortive medication to relieve migraine symptoms before disrupting your daily activities.

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