What Do You Need to Know About a Flu COVID-19 Twindemic?

What Do You Need to Know About a Flu COVID-19 Twindemic?

Nov 01, 2022

The fall and winter seasons are always marked by the rise in seasonal flu cases across the country, including Houston, TX. However, according to the experts, this season might be different. We might witness what is being called a “twindemic” this flu season.

Public health experts have expressed concerns that a rise in COVID-19 cases might coincide with the flu this year. If that happens, we might see an increased need for 24-hour emergency rooms and other public health services.

While the possibility of the dreaded twindemic looms over the country, scientists still seem unsure about it.

What Makes the Possibility of Twindemic High This Year?

The idea of a twindemic has been floating around since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. As both influenza and COVID-19 viruses affect the respiratory system, scientists have speculated that they might work in tandem, causing widespread devastation during the flu seasons.

Thankfully, the flu seasons have been exceptionally mild over the last couple of years, and the threat of a twindemic remained mostly theoretical. However, experts argue that things might turn for the worst this year, and they have a few reasons supporting this argument.

The first argument is based on the fact that herd immunity against influenza has steeply declined over the last couple of years. The lowered immunity means an increased chance of a much more severe flu season. Scientists also point to Australia’s ongoing severe flu season to bolster this argument.

Another argument favoring the twindemic is the decline in the flu vaccination rate due to the widespread anti-vaccination sentiment. Also, it is difficult to distinguish between flu symptoms vs. COVID-19 during the early stages, so we might see more people needing urgent flu treatments in an ER near them.

The chance of a COVID-19 flu twindemic seems high this year. Fortunately, we are prepared to handle any situation at Express Emergency Room, Harker Heights.

Arguments Against the Twindemic

Some experts argue that the twindemic is not inevitable after all, and we might never be hit by it. The reason for this argument is rooted in the way the omicron variant of COVID-19 and influenza interact.

The viral interference phenomenon might come into play where infection due to one respiratory virus reduces the risk of catching the other. If that happens, we might still see a rise in flu cases but a reduced chance of a twindemic.

Whether the twindemic hits us, Express Emergency Room, Harker Heights, is prepared with the best influenza treatment facility. We are equipped to handle urgent flu treatments in our 24-hour emergency rooms.

Scientists across the country believe vaccination is the only way to keep the possible twindemic at bay. Public health experts are urging Harker Heights, TX residents to get their COVID-19 booster and flu shots as quickly as possible.

Visit Express Emergency Room, Harker Heights, to learn more about COVID-19 treatments near you and flu causes, complications, and treatments in our ER near you.

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