Why Your Strep Throat Keeps Coming Back

Why Your Strep Throat Keeps Coming Back

Aug 01, 2019

Strep throat may be one of the most annoying throat maladies. Your throat feels like it’s closing in on itself, and the raw irritation is just unyielding in its annoyingness. Fortunately, if you’re worried that you have strep throat, all you need to do is visit ER Harker Heights and the team there will help you understand what’s going on. Strep throat is very persistent, and that’s why it’s important to understand the reasons why the disease keeps coming back. With this information, you can treat the problem instead of constantly going to 24-hour urgent care to resolve it.

What is Recurring Strep Throat?

Recurring strep throat is when you constantly get the bacterial infection in the back of your throat that is characterized by white spots. There are several things that you should know about recurring strep throat. Some issues are things that are outside of your control, while others can be easily fixed.

Antibiotic Resistance

The problem is that bacteria are living organisms that evolve. You must take the entire antibiotic dose to get rid of the problematic organisms in your throat. Failure to take the entire dose means that you could end up with the bacteria adapting to the antibiotic and re-emerging.

Weak Immune System

If you are someone with a weak immune system or are in poor health, your body may not be adept at dealing with health issues and eradicating the problems. This is when a doctor’s care is vitally important, they will help navigate through these issues and help you move forward.

Hidden Immunity

Some people are just immune to strep throat for some reason, but they can carry the bacteria and spread it without knowing it. These folks are fortunate, but it’s bad news for the rest of us.

Clean Your Dental Tools

It is recommended that once you have strep throat and it has run its course, get rid of your toothbrush. You should also be sure to disinfect the area where the toothbrush sat. This could harbor some nefarious strep throat germs.


Strep throat is a notoriously difficult illness to deal with, but if you do these simple things, you could reduce the chances of getting it again.


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